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Privacy Policy

V-cube, Inc. (“V-cube”) recognizes the importance of protecting personal information. The following is our Privacy Policy. We will handle the personal information of customers and other parties relating to V-cube’s business operation (collectively “Customers”) in accordance with this policy, and to do our best to protect Customers personal information.

1.Acquisition of personal information

V-cube shall acquire personal information properly in fair and legitimate means.

2.Purposes for using personal information

V-cube shall use the acquired personal information within the scope necessary for achieving the following purposes only:

  • 1) Information on customers and business partners
    • a) For issue of quotation, execution of contract, delivery, request for usage fees relating to the services of V-cube and its affiliates (the “Services”)
    • b) For after-sales service such as delivery, maintenance or improvement of the Services
    • c) For delivery of information related to new products/service
    • d) For advertisement, survey and market research
    • e) For the creation and use of statistical data
    • f) For suspension, termination or cancelling the use of the services to Customers
    • g) For viewing usage status, viewing or revision of registration information of the Services
    • h) For the management of enquires related to the use of the Services
    • i) For confirmation of the identity of the person concerned
  • 2) Information on shareholder or person who has made enquiries to V-cube
    • a) For shareholder management including production of shareholder data base
    • b) For implementing relevant measures such as shareholder incentives or survey
    • c) For responding to enquiries
  • 3) Information on applicants for jobs with V-cube and employees of V-cube
    • a) For the selection of applicants
    • b) For the hiring procedures during recruitment
    • c) For personnel and labor management, management for safety and sanitation, and welfare and benefit program, and for filing to relevant governmental authorities

3. Provision of personal information to third party

V-cube shall not disclose or provide the personal information obtained from Customers to any third parties except under the following circumstances:
  • 1) Consent has been obtained from the Customers.
  • 2) Provision of personal information is legal obligation.
  • 3) Personal information must be provided to a third party to protect human life, physical safety or property, and it is difficult to obtain consent from the Customer.
  • 4) V-cube recognizes that it is necessary to ensure the continued delivery of the Services, and it is difficult to obtain consent from the Customer.
  • 5) Providing personal information to contractors to the extent necessary for achieving the purposes.
  • 6) Another entity succeeds to the business of V-cube due to a merger, corporate separation, transfer of business or otherwise.
  • 7) Where it is required to cooperate by government agencies, local municipal entities or their consignees for enforcing the laws, and obtaining consent from the Customer would obstruct or potentially obstruct the enforcement of laws.

4.Shared use of personal information

The personal information provided by Customers may be shared within V-cube group companies.

Types of personal
information to be shared
Name, business information (such as company name and department name),
position title, address, telephone number, email address,
and record of inquiry, purchase, communication, advice,
questionnaire, opinion, etc.
Purposes of shared use Within the scope necessary for the purposes described in Item 2 above or
the purposes V-cube has disclosed or notified at the time of the acquisition
of personal information
Scope of shared use V-cube, Inc., PioneerVC Corporation and iStudy Co., Ltd.
Person responsible for
managing personal
information to be shared
Person in charge of management of personal information,
V-cube, Inc.

5. Security

The input form of V-cube web site contains a standard SSL encryption used in the industry to protect data transmission. V-cube shall implement reasonable and appropriate safety measures to protect personal information against losses, defamation, damage, revision, leakage or divergence to an external party as well as implement continual improvement measures.

6.Request for disclosure or revision of personal information and termination of its use

In the event that the Customer request for disclosure or revision (revision, addition, or deletion) of personal information or termination of its use or delivery, V-cube shall, upon verifying such Customer’s identity, comply with the request, unless there is a reasonable basis to refuse. For procedures on how to submit a request, please refer to “Procedures on disclosure, revision and termination of usage matters”

7.Adherence to laws and continual improvement

V-cube shall adhere to the applicable laws related to personal information protection and other related laws, and shall continually review and enhance its personal information protection management system.
V-cube may make changes to this Privacy Policy for the improvement or for the adherence to the amendment or changes of the applicable laws and regulations.

8.Inquiry on the management of personal information and complaint channel

Enquires and complaints on personal information management should be directed to the following.

Person in charge of management of personal information, V-cube, Inc.
Nakameguro GT Tower 20F, 2-1-1 Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, 153-0051, Japan

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