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V-CUBE Video


Quick upload in few simple steps

Anyone can conveniently post videos in few simple steps. Easily convert the videos you have to Flash movies as diverse video formats are supported.

Quick upload in few simple steps

  • ※Video file formats for posting ASF/AVI/FLV/WAV/QuickTime/3GPP/MPEG-1/MPEG-2/MPEG-4/WMV
  • ※Select the player from 6 sizes “416x254”,”320x260”,”240x200”,”416x254”,”320x200” and ”240x155”(unit:px)

Greater convenience with diverse functions



You can clip the uploaded videos via a webpage. This reduces the hassle of editing the videos before upload and significantly lightens the workload.

Thumbnail selection

■Thumbnail selection

You can select the images of the videos displayed as you see them before the videos are played. Upload and select the image files from the PC you are using, and freely edit the videos.

■Replay log download

You can download at one time the Replay logs of each uploaded videos. Compare the replay status and trends of the videos and assess the effectiveness in real time.

Replay log download

■Newest clip display function

By setting the configuration of the video to ‘publicly available’, the latest video is automatically displayed without having to manually switch it whenever the tags on the html are updated. Thus contents with a regular update period of 1 week or 1 day, can be easily updated.
This function is most appropriate for video contents such as pick-up of product introductions on EC sites with frequent regular updates and briefing sessions that are regularly organised.

Newest clip display function

Document synchronization (optional)

■Document synchronization (optional)

Document synchronisation allows you to set the uploaded videos as the chapter and display their various images. You can add downloadable materials to the clips that have been synchronized with the documents.
※A separate option contract is required.

Simple user management

Easy–to-understand administrative page

Simple user management

1)Usage capacity (under allocation)
Display the current capacity/maximum capacity that can be allocated

2)Account management
Add/delete user and edit registered information

3)Clip management
Manage clips posted by users and replay log.

This service is presently available only in Japan.

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