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*This service is presently available only in Japan.


V-CUBE Video is a video transmission cloud service that lets anyone easily convert and transmit video.
Existing video transmission is inconvenient, time-consuming and incurs huge costs as materials need to be encoded manually before being added to the streaming server and the html also needs to be created and updated onto an actual page first.
However, with “V-CUBE Video transmission service’s ubiquitous conversion engine and technology, costs are reduced and anyone can easily upload videos. As the video is converted into Flash format, there is no need to install special software and anyone can view the videos.
Quick video transmission is possible in simple steps. Shoot, upload, tag and immediately transmit the videos!

Simple operation, quick conversion

Businesses that use video transmission are in the spotlight with the increased prevalence of broadband. V-CUBE Video transmission service enables the development of video transmission projects that are connected to your company’s site as well as SNS and EC systems which means you can expect video transmission to generate higher business returns for your company!

Support a maximum upload capacity of 1GB and multi-file formats

Support a maximum upload capacity of 1GB and multi-file formats!

V-CUBE Video has a maximum upload capacity of 1 GB per file which means lengthy and high-quality videos can be transmitted!
Diverse video formats are supported! Besides WMV, MPEG and AVI, it also supports conversion and transmission of video files taken on mobile phones. You can create a video by simply uploading it as it is not affected by environments such as 3GP or 3GP2.

[Video file formats that can be posted]

Diverse administrative functions! Effectiveness can be measured through the replay log function!

Diverse administrative functions! Effectiveness can be measured through the replay log function!

V-CUBE Video contains an array of administrative functions. Apart from conversion of videos, you can also view in one glance the information of videos that have been posted and the date of the postings. Furthermore, should the video users upload inappropriate videos, you can be assured that immediate response will be taken as the videos are vetted by the administrators beforehand.
By obtaining the entire data on number of replays per videos, you can compare which videos are popular, which formats are used most frequently for uploads, and acquire real-time marketing reports on market and user trends.

Multitude of functions available such as document synchronization!

Multitude of functions available such as document synchronization!

V-CUBE Video is installed with a function that allows clipping of uploaded videos on the web, thus you can easily clip away unwanted portions to create a new video without an editing software. Apart from uploading videos and releasing them for public viewing through functions such as thumbnail image selection and player selection from six sizes, users can also easily access the plentitude of convenient functions for creating and editing video contents.
These diverse functions are expected to be used in a wide range of environments and SCENARIOs where video transmission is possible.

You can realize video transmission of a higher quality with the option contract. “Document Synchronisation” enables the synchronization of documents with the videos posted. By using this function, you can expect to acquire more business development opportunities.

Supports transmission of videos to both PC and mobile phones!

Support a maximum upload capacity of 1GB and multi-file formats!

The business model of video transmission to mobile phone is garnering attention as functions in mobile phones expand. Video contents are an extremely effective way to disseminate greater amount of information onto the screens of small mobile phones.
V-CUBE Video lets you upload a single file that supports video transmission (3gp, 3g2 format) to mobile phone and PCs, therefore you can transmit videos in a wide range of media.

Assures a high level of copyright protection through FMS transmission which prohibit download!

You may be concerned about the infringement of copyrights during transmission of copyrighted items such as musicians’ promotional videos. In FMS transmission, the video files (flv files) viewed are transmitted through streaming where there are no remnants of local cache (videos are not downloaded), therefore please rest assured that the copyrights of the videos will be protected.

▼Flash streaming transmission diagram

Flash streaming transmission diagram

This service is presently available only in Japan.

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