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V-CUBE On-premise


The intranet TV/Web Conferencing service “V-CUBE On-premise” is different from the cloud TV/Web Conferencing service which uses the internet, as the system is delivered to each server on your intranet. You can set up a TV/Web Conferencing that is unaffected by the proxy.

Benefits of the intranet TV/Web Conferencing

■ Needs and issues of customers who are considering TV/Web Conferencing

  • - Building a dedicated in-house TV/Web Conferencing service
  • - Changing the design (logo or shades) or screen layout
  • - Starting an independent e-learning or remote lesson service
  • - Preferring a low cost service to be used over the long term
  • - Unable to implement with cloud service due to in-house security policy (e.g. proxy setting)
  • - Connecting the TV conferencing to an in-house solution

All needs and issues are resolved with “V-CUBE On-premise”

  • ・Possible to connect to in-house service while adhering to security policy
  • ・Hold a convenient TV/Web Conferencing unaffected by proxy
  • ・Set-up takes into consideration in-house network structure
  • ・Possible to change page design or layout and logo (OEM delivery)
  • ・Higher cost savings over long-term use
  • ・Comprehensive after-implementation support with a maintenance service contract

Characteristics - Diverse functions and flexible customisation

Intranet TV/Web Conferencing service “V-CUBE On-premise” is highly customizable as apart from the Flash engine, all its development and design are done in-house. You can customize all the services (meeting, seminar, Sales&Support, video and portal) in the “V-CUBE” series.

Besides the functions on the cloud service, we can also add functions not included in the options. We have rich experience in the integration of different services (systems), integration with API and the integration of DB with in-house accounts. The bandwidth can be automatically adjusted to suit the user as the standard QoS function that is installed enables the functions to be conveniently operated after implementation.

※For connection to mobile phone and H.323, a separate dedicated gateway is required.

Track records of implementation

Nation-wide implementation in a franchise company

On-premise implementation of TV/Web Conferencing which was previously abandoned due to stringent corporate security policy!

The company had difficulty implementing the cloud service of the TV/Web Conferencing that is hosted on an external server due to its stringent security policy. However, it eventually implemented “V-CUBE On-premise” as it was deemed that the conference was a necessity. The company could implement the TV/Web Conferencing while adhering to its strict security policy as the server is installed in an internal network.

A certain manufacturer

On-premise implementation offers higher cost savings over the long term. Excellent for long-term use with a maintenance contract!

The manufacturer had wanted to implement a TV/Web Conferencing service on a long term basis and had opted for the option of multiple conference rooms after considering the long-term cost savings. In addition, by signing a maintenance contract, support is immediately provided whenever problems arise. The manufacturer was able to access the TV/Web Conferencing service with ease!

A certain securities company

Implementation of one-of-a-kind visual communication tool with additional original functions and logo

The company implemented the on-premise “V-CUBE Meeting” and “V-CUBE Seminar”. V-CUBE enables customers to insert the company logo they prefer and add original functions, which are not available on cloud. As the seminar is not held in one location, preparation of the meeting room and traveling by the participants are not necessary. Thus, seminars and meetings can be conveniently conducted in several locations.

A certain university

An innovative form of communication begins at school. “V-CUBE” enriches the education experience!

The university, which was exploring a new form of education, implemented the customizable “V-CUBE” within the school premise. Besides using it for teaching and research, the service is also used as a visual communication tool to connect the school to remote locations, sister schools and students’ homes. The school can conveniently conduct a TV/Web Conferencing seminar that is unaffected by external network because the service is implemented within the school premise.

We have other services used by many companies. To request for further information, brochures or free trials/demonstrations of V-CUBE On-premise, please contact us.

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