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Application scenarios

Develop a new customer base without the constraints associated with finding venues

Companies will only have limited opportunities for their quality products and services to gain new customers, unless they have achieved high market recognition.
It is hard to increase the number of venue-based seminars and the number of venues; however it is easy to do so with web seminars. You can approach potential customers across Japan or even all around the world.

You can hold seminars for any interested participants even in remote areas that can lead to new sales channels.

Retention of members and customers through timely follow-up

You have gathered members and customers after all that effort. But don’t you find they often become inactive or cancel agreements—for instance, because they don’t know how to get the best use out of your service and you don’t provide enough follow-up?
Offer tips on how to get the best use out of your service through web seminars. Carry out follow-up for many customers at once by holding seminars and achieve greater efficiency, rather than fielding phone calls from individual customers!

Efficiently follow up on your customers while reducing costs and achieving greater customer satisfaction.

Training and briefing

The training of employees is essential for remaining competitive in the market. But aren’t your employees over-scheduled with training sessions?
Streaming your training program as on-demand content enables your employees to attend the sessions comfortably at their own pace. On-demand contents make it possible for employees to review the parts they don’t understand as often as they need, helping them to achieve higher proficiency.

Each employee can attend the seminar without being overwhelmed. This will enhance the skill levels of your employees.

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