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Mobile applications

Attend seminars anytime, anywhere with your smartphone or tablet

iOS and Android compatible


Attend Live seminars and view on-demand content simply by using the V-CUBE Seminar application. You can use V-CUBE Seminar with iPads, iPhones, and Android devices. On-demand content can be viewed in a Web browser*. Devices without the V-CUBE Seminar application can be used to view content in this way.

* Viewing content in a Web browser is available only on iPad2, iPad (2012 Edition), iPhone4, iPhone4S, or newer devices.

Page layout

Attending a seminar using a tablet

All necessary features for attending online seminars are included in this one-page layout.
You can also tap the switch button to maximise the view of the presenter’s video image or whiteboard.

Attending a seminar using a tablet

Attending a seminar using a smartphone

The pages switch when you swipe the screen.

Attending a seminar using a smartphone

  • (1) Video image of the presenter

    The video feed of the presenter or facilitator is displayed.
    In cases where there are multiple presenters, the display switches when presenters change.

  • (2) Whiteboard

    The files related to a seminar and uploaded by the presenters are made available on the whiteboard.

  • (3) Instant Messaging

    The presenter can communicate with participants by opening the instant messaging panel.
    The participants can also exchange instant messages among themselves.

  • (4) Banner

    A banner image is displayed.
    Tapping the banner will bring you to the destination website linked to (if any).

  • (5) Quick Questionnaire

    Questionnaire can be answered on mobile devices.
    The results are summarised in real time.

  • (6) Questionnaire Form

    You can answer the questionnaire prepared by the organiser in advance using your mobile device.
    The results are totaled after the seminar.
    * This function is also available on tablets.

Viewing on-demand seminars

With a smartphone
With a smartphone
With a tablet
With a tablet

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