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A wide range of features

Useful features for organizing Live seminars

Effective Live seminars are achieved by using a variety of features that connect the presenter and participants online, and by facilitating communication with participants through methods such as instant messaging and questionnaires.

Steps for organizing Live seminars

  1. Schedule the meeting and
    invite participants from
    the Administrator page
    Schedule the meeting and invite participants from the Administrator page
    You can send invitation emails to participants, prepare files and questionnaires in advance, conduct a rehearsal, and more.
  2. Enter the seminar room
    at the scheduled time
    Enter the seminar room at the scheduled time
    Participants can enter the seminar room simply by clicking the URL included in the invitation emails.
  3. Start a Live seminar
    Start a Live seminar
    Start the streaming seminar and use other useful features to conduct a productive seminar.

Useful features for streaming on-demand seminars

On-demand seminars are streamed as video contents. Participants who didn’t have a chance to attend Live seminars can view the recorded seminars at a convenient time.

Steps for streaming an on-demand seminar

  1. Record a seminar live
    Record a seminar live
    Simply press the Record button to record the seminar.
  2. Edit the seminar with V-CUBE’s tools
    Edit the seminar with V-CUBE’s tools
    When necessary, you can cut out unnecessary parts of the seminar and replace uploaded files.
  3. Publish the on-demand seminar
    Publish the on-demand seminar
    Publish your on-demand seminar!

Contents Editor

Create and edit your on-demand contents using V-CUBE’s Contents Editor. For example, you can edit a recorded seminar, replace uploaded files, and edit instant messages. You can also create on-demand contents from video files that are not seminars you have recorded.

Features for efficiently organizing seminars

Many essential features are available for effectively managing seminars including preparation of questionnaires before the seminars and review of seminar reports.

Archive files to storage

You can archive online storage files uploaded to the whiteboard and other distributed files, as well as the banners for the web seminar. There is no need to upload the same file if you intend to repeat the seminar using these files or to use the banners for inserting organizer logos.

Reviewing the reports for effective evaluation of seminars

The status of participants entering and leaving the seminar room, the contents in instant messaging and questionnaire results are recorded as seminar reports. You can view these reports in the Administrator page and also download them as CSV data. They are useful for evaluating and statistically analysing the seminars.

More advanced seminar management by managing streams

Combined use of V-CUBE Seminar with V-CUBE Portal makes even more advanced management possible. For instance, you can easily control what kind of content should be provided to which users and check which content is being viewed by each user. For more details, please check out V-CUBE Portal.

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