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What is a web seminar?

Web seminars revolutionize seminar management

It used to be taken for granted that people had to congregate in one venue to attend a seminar or class. However, seminars or classes can now be realized through the Internet in the form of web seminars, (aka, online seminars) or e-learning. Web seminars offer solutions to challenges encountered by seminar organizers, including the following examples:

Promoting seminars to more people

Many companies miss the chance to launch original products that required much development or services of undoubtedly good quality, just because they were at a disadvantage with their product promotion. Perhaps they do not have the resources for a chain of local shops, or may have had to push their sales network to the limit to launch the product nationwide.

Target people around the world for your product promotion! The great appeal of web seminars is the freedom from locational restrictions. People can attend seminars from anywhere in the world with Internet-connected PCs or mobile devices. You can attract participants from across Japan or the world.

Getting feedback from more participants

Haven’t you experienced difficulty in checking if your participants really understood the seminar you have taken so much trouble to organize?
Participants also find it difficult to ask questions in front of a large audience. Many participants leave the seminar without asking the questions they wanted to ask.

Gather more comments and requests from participants! Interactive communication makes it possible for participants to ask the presenters questions via instant messaging, and for organizers to collect responses to questionnaires. In addition to improving the level of interactivity and participant satisfaction with the seminars, you can collect much more feedback. Your creativity is the only limit!

Saving time and costs for organizing seminars

Haven’t you ever experienced headaches over the time and cost involved in inviting conference participants and arranging venues?
All too often, nationwide seminars require the presenters to scurry through numerous venues in different regions to hold the same lecture again and again, which also entails a great amount of time and costs.

Dramatically saves organizers’ costs, energy and time! For web seminars, the venue is online and files can be uploaded instead of having to distribute printed materials. The web seminar system can handle all that is involved in holding a seminar. Preparation is much less hassle.

Great advantages for participants, too

Web seminars can drastically save time, energy and costs for the organizers. There are also many advantages for the participants, including the following examples, which result in improved participant satisfaction:

  • Ability to participate from anywhere, e.g. from home or mobile devices
  • No travel time or transportation costs to get to the venue
  • Convenient instant messaging features, making communication between participants and the presenter easy
  • On-demand streaming enables anyone to view Live seminars they missed later at their convenience

V-CUBE Seminar, a handy web seminar system

V-CUBE Seminar is a communication system designed to facilitate organization of web seminars and e-learning programs. You can easily hold Live seminars or create and stream on-demand contents.

Live seminars
Seminars streamed by the presenters, with the participants joining in on a real-time basis; interactive communication is enabled between the presenter and participants, as well as among the participants themselves.
On-demand seminars
Video streaming of Live seminars that have been directly recorded or edited; participants can view seminars whenever it is convenient for them.

Advantages over free services

V-CUBE Seminar is a specialised service tailored for organizing web seminars. Here are some of its advantages over free video streaming systems.

  • Files can be uploaded as visual aids for the presentation
  • Highly stable and robust system
  • Worry-free streaming support for beginners
  • More advanced features for streaming seminars

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