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V-CUBE Portal

※This service is presently available only in Japan.


Integrated management of video recordings and live transmission! Ease of use is our goal!!

V-CUBE Portal allows users sign on one time to all services in V-CUBE. Transmission of videos such as real-time conference/seminar and management of the transmission of such video recordings can be carried out in this system.

Manage both video recordings and live transmission together!

You can collectively manage the individual contents in V-CUBE.
During transmission of V-CUBE content, the administrator needs to inform users of the URL used for transmission each time. However with the portal, the administrator needs only to configure the intended recipients of the contents (user, user group) and his work is completed. As users can see the list of approved contents when they log into the portal, the administrator does not need to inform them of the URL.

Many useful functions for the administrator such as usage log acquisition!

A rich list of functions is available for use by administrators.
The administrator can verify who the users are and what kinds of contents they are viewing as he is managing the access log. Therefore, it is possible to acquire statistics such as the viewing status of the transmitted content and level of participation of a seminar. In addition, the administrator can also carry out tasks like content management and email transmission management.

Simple functions!

User Interface


1.Select type of contents to be transmitted

2.Attendance and participation in transmitted contents and the replay of their videos
-seminar (live, on-demand, minutes of conference)
-video (on-demand, document synchronisation)
-test questions

3. Search for transmitted content

4.User attendance status
(did not attend, attending, already attended)

V-CUBE Portal’s SCENARIOs of use


Most appropriate for management of seminars with user participation

Useful for the management of participants and to understand the participation status in seminars where experts are invited or in seminars where products are explained to general users.


In-house transmission/convenient e-learning

Manage the transmission and attendance status of in-house seminars and video recordings of in-house trainings. Users can participate in the training at their own convenient time.


Previous transmissions can be recorded on videos

Manage the video recordings of previous live transmissions. Users can repeatedly view the contents that were held in the past.

This service is presently available only in Japan.

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V-CUBE Portal