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Web Conferencing Machinery「V-CUBE Terminal」

Web Conferencing Machinery

Web Conferencing gadget developed from the feedback from our clients.
Camera, microphones and speakers are all pre installed!

  • Just switch on and you can start Web Conferencing immediately.
  • Single unit display type makes it portable and easy to carry around!
  • Operates by means of a touch panel hence no need for clicking of a mouse.
  • Large display enables easy document sharing.
Web Conferencing Machinery「V-CUBE Terminal」

No need to prepare headsets and web cameras anymore.
The V-CUBE Terminal is a Web Conferencing gadget developed specially to make Web Conferencing more convenient and comfortable.

No need of difficult settings prior to the meeting.
Just switch on, type in your ID and password, and you can start the meeting straightaway.
It is very mobile, easy to carry it from one meeting room to the other.

■Image of the 「V-CUBE Terminal」usage

Image of the 「V-CUBE Terminal」usage

V-CUBE Terminal is recommended to those who were reluctant to go for Web Conferencing services due to its difficult operations.
It is perfectly compatible with Cloud service Web Conferencing service “V-CUBE Meeting”.

Benefit of V-CUBE Terminal

  • ◆ Very reasonable pricing, comparing to TV conferencing systems.
  • ◆ Touch screen enables you easy input on the Whiteboard.
  • ◆ Compact design makes it mobile. With Internet connection, you can move one meeting room to the other.
  • ◆ Just switch it on and you can start a meeting. No need to have special knowledge on computers.
  • ◆ Simple and easy operation saves time for internal training.
  • ◆ Share the V-CUBE Terminal with multiple participants in one location, connecting a speaker.

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Main Functions and Features

Login Screen
●Login Screen
Turn on the PC, the login screen appears automatically, from there you can enter the meeting room straightaway.
Main Menu
●Main Menu
The simple interface makes conducting a meeting smoothly.
Booking a Meeting
●Booking a Meeting
Booking a meeting is only three steps away. Meetings can be arranged through simple operations.
Meeting room interface
●Meeting room interface
Just like the V‐CUBE Meeting, simple interface enables anyone can enjoy having meetings.

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「V-CUBE Terminal」Examples

Web Conferencing Specialised gadget in action at the Executives’ Meeting!

■ The Web Conferencing Specialized gadget in action at the Executives’ Meeting!

  • ・Although the quality of the image of participants are not as clear as conventional TV Conferencing images, however, the quality of the meetings is improved as documents can be shared the same screen.
  • ・Just turn on the V-CUBE Terminal. Simple enough for executives who are not adept at using computers.
Multiple employees located in remote locations can attend the training sessions!

■ Conducting a training sessions to employees at multiple locations simultaneously.

  • ・Simple operation enables the conductor save time for training participants how to use the V-CUBE Terminal.
  • ・One V-CUBE Terminal can be shared amongst a couple of participants, therefore, more participants than a total number of V-CUBE Terminal, can take the training sessions.
V-CUBE Terminal for many scenes in schools and tuition centres.

■ Many ways to be utilized at the Educational scenes.

  • ・A lesson can be broadcasted to students at home or remote locations. Students can take the lesson as if they are in the classroom.
  • ・In the event that a student had to move that he no longer can take tuition from his favorite tutor. V-CUBE Terminal makes it possible! The student still can learn from the same tutor.
  • ・As our simple and easy interface, both the student and the teacher do not need to spend time to get acquainted with the system.
Used as directional boards in commercial facilities and entrances!

■ Used as Directional Boards in Commercial Facilities and Receptions!

  • ・Install V-CUBE Terminal in a multiple locations in a large commercial facilities to save manpower cost. (The information desk is concentrated in a single location and the supervisor can give out instructions)
  • ・V-CUBE Terminal can be used to show floor maps to visitors at receptions. Connect to printer and print maps out too.

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