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Security for TV/Web conferencing

We are offering security option that is verified by ASP/SaaS information release policies and also positively enforced by combining the most secured protocols. Also, to cater to internal security policies, we also offer on-premises service model for companies that would like to setup servers within their own premises.

Flawless security strategies (Certified by ASP/SaaS Information Disclosure System)



Name of certifying system: Information Disclose Certification System for ASP/SaaS Safety and Reliability
Certifying Body: Foundation for MultiMedia Communications (FMMC)
Service name: V-CUBE
Certification number: 0108-1012
Date of certification: 2 December 2010
Certification period: 2 December 2010 to 1 December 2013

This system is designed with the aim of forming a healthy market in which users feel safe to use ASP/SaaS on the back of a growing ASP / SAAS market, in accordance to the “Information Disclosure Policy with regards to ASP/SaaS safety and reliability” (dated 27 November 2007) and the “Information Security Measures Guidelines for ASP/SaaS” (dated 30 January 2008) that were released by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. They certify that information on the safety and reliability of ASP/SaaS are disclosed in an appropriate manner and fulfill specific requirements. Besides simplifying the comparison, assessment and selection of the ASP/SaaS by users, this promotes the use of ASP/SaaS. This system is also audited and certified by the Foundation for MultiMedia Communications.

If you wish for tighter security, please refer to the Intranet (in-house server installation) TV/Web conference system “V-CUBE On-premise”.

For stronger security measures ~IP address restriction~

With a function to restrict IP addresses, you can stipulate the IP addresses of the participants who can take part in the V-CUBE Meeting. Thus you can restrict accesses from unauthorized IP addresses, achieving an environment with a higher security.

IP address restriction

Secure conference ~encryption~

Preventing information leakage with robust security.

Preventing information leakage with robust security.

Transmission is encrypted with 128bit(same robustness as SSL).
※Even if each service of “V-CUBE” does not use 128bit encryption, you can still be assured of sufficient security (safety) as a unique transmission protocol is used.

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