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Interoperability with video conference system

Web conference + Video conference Taking business communication to the next level

Interoperability between V-CUBE Meeting (web conferencing) and Polycom HDX series (video conferencing) achieves interactive communication between the two with audio and video streaming. Users are not tied down to a meeting room, as they can connect to the video conferencing system from wherever they are and even use smartphones or tablets to participate in the video conference.

Integration between web conferencing systems and video conferencing systems increasing their potential

Seamless connection between fixed conference and portable Web conferencing to accommodate your best convenience.

Connecting with a branch or client that does not have a video conferencing system

Polycom alone…
- It entails significant costs for installing Polycom at each new branch
- You cannot hold conferences with clients who don’t have Polycom

Connect with V-CUBE and solve the problem! - Your PC becomes the venue for a cost-effective meeting.
- Multi-language support ensures worry-free communication with your clients abroad.

Participating in a video conference when you are on the move

Where Polycom is used by itself…
- Participants are required to gather in a meeting room where Polycom is installed
- Participants must be present at the specified time

Connect with V-CUBE and solve the problem! - V-CUBE supports smartphones and tablets so you can participate in meetings even when you are on the move.

Leveraging existing Polycom systems

Where Polycom is used by itself…
- Potential use is limited because users are constrained by devices and rooms when attending meetings
- Your employees are discouraged because of the complicated operation procedure

Connect with V-CUBE and solve the problem!
- You are not limited by time or location, allowing you to use the system in more situations: e.g. meetings with clients

Additional application as a multipoint control unit (MCU)

Meeting can be held only between Polycom devices
V-CUBE Meeting can be used as a multipoint control unit (MCU) if users are subscribed to the option to connect with video conferences. This way, a conference can be held only between Polycom devices if no V-CUBE users enter the meeting room.

Possible applications

  • - Clients who are considering purchasing an MCU or replacing their current one
  • - Conferences not requiring connectivity with V-CUBE

Image of use

Combining the regular screen of Polycom clients and V-CUBE Meeting clients making it possible to conduct meetings without the feelings of discomfort.

Image of use

Main features and advantages

Two-way audio and video stream
● Two-way audio and video stream
Polycom end-points can connect directly into meeting rooms of V-CUBE Meeting. Audio and video stream two-way.
Polycom layout auto-adjust
● Polycom layout auto-adjust
Polycom client layout on V-CUBE Meeting interface will automatically adjust according to the number of participants.
● Issue guest address
For Polycom devices outside of management domain, customers can issue an one-time temporary guest address to have meetings.

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