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V-CUBE Mobile

Quick and easy web conferencing with your smartphone or tablet when you are on the move

iOS and Android compatible


You can participate in a web conference wherever you are using a smartphone or tablet such as iPhones, iPads or Android devices just like using your PC, once you download the free V-CUBE Mobile application. Of course, you can share files and add notes to them, too.

Practical uses of V-CUBE Mobile

Having an engineer stationed at your Headquarters remotely attend a meeting with your clients

When asked a technical question you can’t answer during a product presentation at your client’s meeting, you won’t ever again have to say, ‘I’ll be back with the engineer next time’. You can respond to the question during the same business meeting simply by connecting with the engineer at your Headquarters through a web conference using your iPad or other mobile devices.

A colleague who cannot be physically with you can participate in the business meeting and speed up the deal.

No need to waste time going back to the office

Isn’t it a pain to return to the office for meetings with your colleagues when you are busy visiting clients? A useful function allowing you to participate in a web conference from a smartphone will save you the hassle. Your smartphone can connect to the meeting even if there is no wireless connection.

No more headaches scheduling your meetings, as you can participate in meetings wherever you are.
This really helps busy business people utilize their time effectively.

Immediately report to your Headquarters from a factory or store

Your trial product is finally ready. But it can be a hassle to open up your laptop at the factory. You can quickly participate in a web conference with your iPad or other mobile devices to capture video of the prototype/trial product and show it to your colleague at the Headquarters for consultation.

Productivity is enhanced by quick decision-making based on accurate and detailed information shared in real-time.

Main functions and features

Supports smartphones and tablets running on iOS or Android® V-CUBE Mobile is a service that allows visual communication with tablets, including iPad, and smartphones. You can share files and have a conference with colleagues in remote places. Anyone can intuitively operate this tool with self-explanatory icons.

Page layout


iPads and Android® tablets can switch between three page layouts in a single tap. Simultaneous display of the video and whiteboard with PC-level quality will make you feel like you’re really attending the meeting.

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