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Characteristics of the TV Conferencing and Web Conferencing’s Cloud Service

Cloud refers to a service whereby the system is not purchased in its entirety, but only portions that are needed are used via a network, for a monthly sum. Access is done through a Web browser(*1)equipped with Flash on the servers of the TV Conferencing and Web Conferencing systems managed by our company. Specialised software and installation of modules are not needed. As there is no need for the customer to have a server or to manage one, there is no need for server management fees and system maintenance fees.
(*1 99% of all Web browsers are equipped with Flash)

Merits of Cloud(Usage of the newest software is possible!No need for renewal fees!)

Usage of the newest software is possible!

Automatic version upgrade

The TV Conferencing and Web Conferencing system of our company can be upgraded to rectify defects and install additional functions etc. With the cloud, the latest version is always being used. Even if the software is being upgraded, there is no need to re-install each and every computer. There is no need to pay fees or worry about the hassles of upgrading that tends to exist for softwares installed in the computer.

Equipment necessary for TV Conferencing and Web Conferencing

If a small number of people are using the system, usage is possible by just attaching headsets available off the shelf (Web camera/microphone)to the computer. For large number of users in a meeting room whereby the meeting is to be held by connecting various locations (for example, a meeting room in Tokyo is to be connected to a meeting room in Osaka), the meeting can be convened as if all the participants are present at the same location by making use of the equipment for the meeting rooms.

For usage by 1 person

For usage by 1 person

For usage by multiple people

For usage by multiple people

Certified ASP/SaaS Information Disclosure System



Name of certified system:ASP /SaaS Information Disclosure System pertaining to safety and reliability
Accrediting Organization:Foundation for MultiMedia Communications
Name of Service:V-CUBE
Certification Number: 0108-1012
Date of Certification:2 December 2010
Period of Certification:2 December 2010 to 1 December 2013

This system is formulated for the purpose of creating a healthy market for the expanding ASP/SaaS market where users can use the ASP/SaaS with peace of mind, based on the “Information disclosure guidelines concerning ASP/SaaS for safety and reliability”(27 November 2007)and the”Guidelines on measures to deal with security of information on the ASP/SaaS system”(30 January 2008)publicly announced by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. For the ASP /SaaS, information concerning safety and reliability is disclosed appropriately, and certification is accorded for items fulfilling prescribed requirements. Hence, besides easy comparison, evaluation and selection of the ASP/SaaS by the user, it also has the objective of promoting usage of ASP/SaaS. The Foundation for MultiMedia Communications is undertaking the accreditation and certification for the same system.

Customization of the TV Conferencing and Web Conferencing System

Besides the cloud service, the TV Conferencing and Web Conferencing system for each server is provided for customers requesting for changes and additions in user interface and functions, for installation of the system within the company due to security and fee issues, and for integration with other systems within the company.

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