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Introducing Premium Plan

By achieving enhanced security with attentive management, we offer suitable premium plan for enterprises.

Reliable support(e-mail, telephone)
If you're having trouble with using V-CUBE Gate, support is available by telephone and email.
Optimum security management for enterprise
Enables optimum security operation through detailed chat log management and device management features.

Premium Plan Features

1. Friend Request Management Feature

Not only for entire enterprise, administrator can control feature based on group units. This allow the administrator to manage connection with external users.

2. Device Session Management

In order to improve convenience, V-CUBE application maintains session after login, it maintains the login status even after restarting the application. Administrator can deactivate this session based on devices.This is to prevent unauthorized access from individual users of other companies in case the device is lost.

3. Administrator's Role Setting

Administrators can configure the available features. By this setting, enterprise can adjust features according to the necessity of each title or role. This allows flexibility to suit all proposes in the enterprise.

4. Chat Log Viewer

Administrator can view the chat log of one-on-one individual chat and group chat. By this way, administrator can monitor unauthorized use of users.

Plan Comparison

Free plan Premium plan
User management
Contact list management
Enterprise group management
Access restriction by IP address
Restriction of file transfer/ reception feature
Restriction of friend request feature General General and Group Unit
Device session management -
Administrator's role setting -
View chat log 1 month Unlimited
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