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Ecology and energy saving in business Using tablets to increase efficiency



Works not with just tablets, but with PCs and smartphones

“V-CUBE Document” is a paperless conference system which allows all participants to share documents on iPads and Android®-based tablets and write on the whiteboard in the same way as “V-CUBE Meeting”. The system’s intuitive and easy-to-understand user interface, as well as its similarity to manual writing, enhances the quality and efficiency of conferences. As it does not require printing materials, printing fees and paper resources are saved. It also prevents information leaks caused by loss of paper documents.

Paperless meetings with V-CUBE Document

In paperless meetings, files are shared electronically and viewed on PCs and tablets instead of as printed materials. Many companies are introducing such systems in order to benefit not only from less wasted paper and lowered printing costs, but also improved security. Here are some examples of useful applications of file sharing and paperless conferencing.

Presentations to the management team and business partners

Imagine you will be reporting on the progress of the launch of a new product at a meeting with the management team. You have managed to print out the files you prepared before the deadlines in your busy schedule. At the last minute you notice a mistake and have to replace the handouts in a hurry. Bothersome scenarios such as this may be very familiar to you, but by using V-CUBE Document, you can correct the files right up until the last minute and make your presentation using the latest data.
You can zoom in and out on the files using your tablet as required. Even numerical data in a tiny font size can be zoomed in on and shared among all the participants.

- Reduced paper and printing costs, as documents no longer need to be printed
- Easily correct and replace data in your files, even at the last minute

Briefings and workshops for clients and employees

V-CUBE Document shines also in briefings and seminars for your products. The host can control the files displayed on the tablet screen. A greater level of understanding can be achieved in the seminars by flipping pages at the time that suits the participants and drawing into the key points that you want to stress.
Participants can of course independently skip over pages. They can use their own tablets and go back to the page they want to study again.

- Enhanced output of seminars with a greater level of understanding
- Prevention of data leaks caused by loss of printed material


Menard Corporation
Highly rated by reporters for being easy to
understand compared to previous press conferences

Main functions and features

Supports smartphones and tablets running on iOS or Android®

V-CUBE Document achieves paperless meetings by sharing files with participants using smartphones, iPads or other tablets.
You can zoom in on and point at the files for all the participants to see.

Intuitive interface
Robust security
Robust security You can configure data communications using SSL, IP address restrictions and other security settings.

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V-CUBE Document

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