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Measurement of Internet Speed (Checker2)

The Checker2 is a tool used to check if the V-CUBE TV/Web conference system is operating normally in the client’s computer. Through automatic diagnosis of the network environment, and the camera and microphone settings, it checks if conditions are appropriate. It is simple to operate.

1.Booting up the software

Booting up the software

Set the computer to the camera and microphone (headset), and boot up the software.



Click the ‘Start Checking’ button at the bottom left corner. Checking is done in the following order: Control, Response Speed, Internet Speed.

3.Output of Results

Output of Results

The results of the measurement are displayed in the following 6 steps, namely「S」「A」「B」「C」「D」「F」. Usage is not possible when the display indicates「F」.

Customers requesting for Checker2 can click the ’Free Trial & Inquiries’ button as indicated below and input your contents in the column for enquiries.
※Customers with contracts can download the Checker 2 from the link ‘Handy Tools’ found at the right side of the login page.

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